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KRISTA - 2/15/2019

I don't even know where to begin in regards to reviewing this OUTSTANDING venue. I got engaged in December of 2017 and after looking at several different venues, I came across Bayshore Ranch. The ranch was not yet finished and had not had a wedding there yet, but my vision of seeing what potential it had excited me. As the next year FLEW BY, we began to see the vision and dream unfold.

We decided to have our rehearsal dinner there and it was PERFECT. We were able to eat, have some fun, and have quality family time. Us girls got to stay in the Oak house provided on site, in which I highly recommend because what bride to be doesn't want a sleepover with her best friends?? Staying overnight and having the best slumber party was the cherry on top. It was also great to wake up and have everything there ready to go!

Day of the wedding was a FAIRY TALE! Tony, Nicole, and Lexi were right there with the bridal party ensuring everyone was okay and was there to give us anything we needed at a moments notice. Nicole helped calm my nerves tremendously before the next few steps of saying I do, and I will forever remember that.

I know this is a long review, and I could go on and on, but I could not have imagined my dream wedding happening without this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL venue. Tony, Nicole, and Lexi are some of the sweetest people, and my new husband and I will FOREVER consider them family.

BECCA - 3/16/2019

I don’t even know where to begin to say how much We loved Bayshore Ranch. My husband and I were engaged in June 2017 and I didn’t even know where to begin to look for a venue. One day I happened to be scrolling through Facebook and found Bayshore Ranch. That day I called Tony and told him I wanted to come to tour the ranch and see what there was to offer. The next day my best friend and I went out there and I fell in love. Considering when I toured the ranch it was all dirt I still managed to fall in love. It was a perfect venue. Considering my husband and I’s Family was all traveling from out of town, Bayshore was just the perfect distance for everyone to drive after the wedding. 

After planning my wedding for over a year and having Lexi who is an amazing and helpful woman my big day finally arrived. On the day of my wedding March 16 2019, I was asked by many why am I not stressing (when though it rained all morning of my wedding day). My answer was because I had amazing venue owners. Tony, Nicole, and Lexi made my day the easiest day ever! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Our wedding day couldn’t be more beautiful and perfect. I couldn’t thank all 3 of them anymore. They do such an amazing job at what they do. When you need something they are there to answer in a heartbeat. 

Wade and I want to thank you guys for everything you did for us for our big day. We couldn’t be more happy with how our day ended up. 

Thank you again :) 
Mr & Mrs. Romans

MADISON - 11/10/2018

We had our wedding at Bayshore Ranch on 11/10/18, & could not be more pleased with the owners and the staff, not to mention that the venue itself is STUNNING. Tony, Nicole, & Lexi are so easy to work and down to earth. This place is better than any other typical wedding venue, where you have to deal with an abundance of staff/managers/etc., you work hands-on with the owners, who strive to accommodate your needs. Their contract is easy to understand and abide by. Although we had a few hiccups on the day of the wedding(nothing in relation to the venue), Tony, Nicole, & Lexi knew exactly how to take charge of the situation and make it go as smoothly as possible. I cannot thank them enough!

ALYSSA - 10/14/2018

For planning the most stressful day of your life, there is no better group of people than this! I couldn’t have gotten through this day w out their help and support! I left my wedding day feeling like I had acquired a whole group of new friends. The venue is gorgeous and provided the most perfect natural beautiful venue. We barely had to decorate! I would recommend this to absolutely everyone wanting to get married and feel like they’re at home at their venue. This isn’t just a business, they’re like family and I could truly feel the happiness they had for us on our special day.

AMANDA - 2/2/2019

Bayshore Ranch is an amazing setting for an outdoor wedding in Florida. Ryan and I toured many wedding venues in the SW Florida area and when Bayshore Ranch held their open house in March of 2018 we instantly knew that this is where our Forever would officially begin. Tony and Nicole are so easy to work with and it’s apparent that they truly care about making your day as magical and perfect as you envision it to be. We immediately booked the venue for our 2/2/2019 wedding! Lexi is amazing and she helped ease any worries I was having leading up to the wedding and made sure to orchestrate our day just as we had discussed. She made sure that I was able to relax in the house for the day and be pampered with my girlfriends while she made sure everything was going as planned! When I took my walk down the aisle with my father, I was in awe as I took everything in. The alter area, the barn, the grounds- everything- looked even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. And that’s all in thanks to Tony, Nicole and Lexi! They pay attention to every little detail and my guests commented on how attentive, friendly and professional they were all night. Seriously check out Bayshore Ranch ASAP and I can guarantee that you will fall in love with the property just as fast as we did. There is also a newly renovated house on property that you can use the day of, with a HUGE bridal suite and it’s perfect for the night of the wedding too. Ryan and I were driven in a golf cart to our house for the night! It was really fun to wake up as husband and wife and look outside at the very spot we said our vows just hours before. Bayshore Ranch will always hold a special place in our hearts and we hope that you get to begin your forever there too, and become part of the Bayshore family!


Amanda and Ryan Midolo

ANAIS - 3/23/2019

This venue is absolutely amazing! After visiting Bayshore Ranch no other venue could compare. Lexi and Tony made my wedding day so stress free, they were very attentive and really made your day feel as special as it should! Seeing everything come together was better than I could have ever imagined and my vision could not have come true without this place and its team. It was so convenient to get ready at the Oak house and be so close, such a cute house and perfect setup. All my guests were in love with the location and several even said it was the most beautiful wedding they had been to. I would choose Bayshore Ranch over and over again!

OLIVIA - 3/19/2019

My fiancé and I got engaged on March 9, 2018, and were quick to start looking at venues. We wanted to get married on the same day we got engaged, in 2019. We went to a few different venues, and none of them really caught our eye. Then we went to Bayshore Ranch. When we first saw this venue it was far from what it looks like now. It was just a barn, and a hill to get married on. Tony really painted the picture with his words on how he planned on renovating the space, and it quickly sold us. And man, did he live up to his words! We were even lucky enough to book the date we wanted 3/9/19! This venue is EVERYTHING. From the beautiful barn, the breathtaking trees, and ambiance, to the AMAZING bride suite to get ready in. Not only is the venue gorgeous, but the owners treat you like family. Tony, his wife Nicole, and their wedding coordinator Lexi is an awesome team and you will definitely want them on your side! They made sure everything was perfect the day of the wedding, they made accommodations when we needed them, and they genuinely cared about how the day went for us. Oh, and they always make sure the bride and groom have a drink in your hand once the ceremony is over LOL. Nicole was so sweet, crying with me as I waited for my time to walk down the aisle. Lexi danced with us during the reception, and Tony captured my mom and dad’s reaction after seeing me marry my husband by taking photos. None of this was something they HAD to do, they did it because they wanted to. I’m honestly sad to tell them goodbye since we’ve been together for a year now! I highly recommend this venue, you will NOT be disappointed!!! 

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